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Titre alternatif: Disenchantment
Plot: « Disenchanted » is a cartoon series created by Matt Groening, the creator of the famous « Simpsons ». The first season is set in a medieval kingdom called Dreamland and follows the adventures of Princess Bean, a young woman who would rather drink beer and party than behave like a traditional princess.
Bean is accompanied on her adventures by two unlikely companions: Elfo, an eccentric elf who left her secluded home to explore the world, and Luci, a cynical character demon who was sent to corrupt the princess.
Together they face the challenges and dangers that await them in Dreamland, including Bean’s enemies, such as her father King Zog, who wants her to marry a prince of royal blood to consolidate the power of the royal family. , and fantastical creatures like ogres and trolls.
During the season, Bean also discovers secrets about his past and his family, as well as the mysterious origins of his friend Elfo. « Disenchanted » blends humor and action to create an entertaining and action-packed cartoon series.

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