Iron Man 1994 Saison 2 VF

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Plot: In the second season of Iron Man, Tony Stark continues to protect the world from various threats as the armored Avenger. However, he faces new challenges, both personal and professional.
As Tony deals with the aftermath of his battle with the Mandarin, he must also confront a new villainous group, the Masters of Silence, who seek to silence Tony once and for all. Meanwhile, Tony’s friendship with James Rhodes is put to the test when Rhodes becomes the armored hero known as War Machine.
Tony’s personal life becomes complicated as well, as he struggles to balance his responsibilities as Iron Man with his relationship with Pepper Potts. Along the way, Tony must also deal with other classic Iron Man villains, such as the Crimson Dynamo and the Ghost.
In this action-packed season, Iron Man must rely on his wit, his intelligence, and his high-tech armor to save the world and protect those he loves.

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