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Titre alternatif: Robotech Southern Cross
Plot: Robotech – The Masters is the second season of the popular anime series Robotech. The series picks up where the first season left off and follows the continuing adventures of the human race as they face new challenges and enemies.
After the events of the first season, the Earth is left vulnerable to attack from the alien race known as the Robotech Masters. The Masters arrive on Earth in search of a valuable energy source known as protoculture. The humans must work together to defend their planet against the Robotech Masters and prevent them from obtaining the protoculture.
The series follows the story of Scott Bernard, a young pilot who joins the Robotech Defense Force in their fight against the Robotech Masters. Alongside his fellow pilots and the resistance movement, Scott engages in battles against the powerful enemy forces.
As the conflict intensifies, the humans discover that the Robotech Masters are not the only threat to their survival. They also face danger from within as traitors and spies attempt to undermine their efforts.
Robotech – The Masters is a thrilling sci-fi adventure that explores the themes of loyalty, sacrifice, and the consequences of war.

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